Melimatic Limited, a company well known for its intuitive thinking and creativity was formed in the early eighties to produce and market a unique plumbing fitting known as "LEAD-LOC". So successful was this product that the name has become synonymous with any product designed to fulfil the same function. For example, "Jeep", "Hoover", "Cornflakes" etc.

To date millions have been sold with no known failures or complaints; an enviable record brought about by clever design and attention to quality and detail. Our new product "PUSH-LOC" is expected to be even more successful and like "LEAD-LOC", is a very simple but very effective design that incorporates all the experience and knowledge gained over the 35 years that "LEAD-LOC" has been in production.

After a successful launch in June of 2004 thousands have been used with no reported complaints or failures.

All the information found within our website is for your reference on all the available products and services that we offer, if for whatever reason you cannot find what you require please don't hesitate to use the contact page above, where we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Also be aware when purchasing LEAD-LOC fittings that any other spelling derivative is not a LEAD-LOC coupling.

Enjoy browsing our new website.

Kind Regards,

The Melimatic Ltd Team.